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Superhero Identity™️ - "Unlock Your Child's Superpowers To Discover The True Essence of Their Fullest Potential So They Can Grow Up To Live a Magical Life"

Want to raise a well-rounded child in this very complex world so they can go on living a magical life? 

Then start them early and buy this book!

Greg Crawford - Author of Superhero Identity™️
"There I was, struggling to be confident in my own skin.
Sports was my whole identity and when I lost that as an adult, all the insecurities caught up with me.  It wasn't until I began helping others find their new identity that I realized every kid out there can use my help to use the same tools and resources to build that confidence with who they are starting at a young age."
From The Desk Of Chief Superhero Trainer - Greg Crawford
Given the state of today's world, it has never been more important to shift your child's attention to their personal power, growth and well-being.

It doesn't require a degree, expensive private schools or a high level of learning.

It's as simple as playing a game of adventure, imagination and telling a different story that they are used to.

In Fact, If you want to develop your child's PERSONAL POWER & GROWTH to the level they need to be successful in life, it has nothing to do with your parenting skills.

We certainly cannot depend solely on a century-old & one-size-its-all education system and food industry that markets processed and highly addictive sugar products.

If this complex world we live in to raise our kids has left you feeling more confused, frustrated and even angry rather than empowered...

...Then take a deep breath and relax.

We're about to take aim at a new adventure, plant a seed of empowerment and watch all possibilities grow strong with your child.

In fact, we'll do this in a fun and easy step-by-step process moving your child along the way to achieve superhero status!

Your child will be invited to participate in a story...

A story where they are the superhero of their own story.

However, Superman and Wonder Woman would not have achieved superhero status if it were not for the direction of their parents and an unexpected guide…

All future superheroes (like your child) is about to meet that unexpected guide on their quest...
What's Inside The Book!?
  •  Superhero Secret #1: How two young kids learned that words are powerful and as long as you make a habit of putting on your invisible armor every day, just like brushing your teeth, you won't let someone else's negative or mean words bring you down. (Page 8)
  • Superhero Secret  #2: Even the tough and confident someone appears on the outside, everyone battles with their own insecurities...even the author Uncle Greg. Check out his childhood story and how he found his Superhero Identity™️ (Page 14)
  • Superhero Secret #3: Meet the older and wise trainer of the 5-D Superhero Kids, Landark. (Even the wisest and strongest superheroes had to go on their quest to discover their powers) (Page 38)
  • Superhero Secret #4: In this Superhero Secret chapter, your child will discover what exactly Superhero Identity is and how they can discover the true essence of their highest sense of self (Page 44)
  • Superhero Secret  #5: How to change the not so great stories we tell ourselves to create more positive emotions about ourself which leads to more positive actions and ultimately super outcomes! (Page 52)
  • Superhero Secret #6: The Real SECRET For why you are a real life superhero and why the world needs more people like you! (And you don't even need to be bitten by a radio active insect to discover this!) (Page 61)
  • ​Superhero Secret #7:  Your child has gifts that make them unique.  It's not enough to hear this from their parents, they should discover their own superpowers for themselves as well. (Page 69)
  • ​Superhero Secret #8: All superheroes face villains (it would be pretty boring if they didn't). Most of our villains are internal and kids should learn how to face them head-on at an early age. (We asked Batman to step in and help us with this one!) (Page 75)
  • Superhero Secret #9: In this Superhero Secret Chapter, we show kids what's possible and that they can accomplish anything as long as they believe in themselves. (Page 92)
  • Superhero Secret #10: In this chapter the kids meet a great and wise Cherokee Native Indian Chief that tells them a parable about the SECRET to living your BEST life . (Page 103)
  • Superhero Secret #11: Discover the 5-dimensions which are our weapons in life that we need to develop in order to go from ordinary kid into a 5-D Superhero Kid.  The training and gathering of the 5-D weapons can only be found on this Quest (This Is The Secret Of The Greatest Superheroes Of All Time) (Page 110)
  • Superhero Secret #12: How to move up the rankings in Landark and Uncle Greg's Superhero Academy to gather your weapons and become a 5-D Super Kid. (Page 150)

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The Paperback Superhero Identity Book

($27 Value)

This book is the perfect story of two kids on a quest that teaches your child to discover their superpowers and form an unstoppable confidence in themselves. 

Follow along videos with each chapter when you scan the QR code

($97 Value)

This course makes it simple to be a well-rounded unicorn. Excel in all areas of magical life. * Overcome any lingering issues from bad troll encounters. 

ACT NOW And Get These Incredible Bonuses!


The Superhero Within Mini-Quest Video Story Series ($97 Value)

This short LIVE video mini-quest with worksheets and assignments is the perfect way for your child to peal away the labels placed on them, build confidence in who they are and begin to take interest in powering up their body to have the healthiest & strongest sense of self.


The Superhero Smoothie Guide ($27 Value)

This checklist is the secret to build your reputation as a magical beast quickly. Offer your magical services all over the entire universe.
* Make a huge difference far beyond the walls of your own castle and kingdom.


Create Your Own Superhero Avatar Worksheet ($7 Value)

This 30-day challenge is the secret for you to manifest your magical potential step by step for 30 days. Take your abilities far beyond where they are right now.
* Have an eternal impact on the world.

 Here's Everything You Get Today
  • The Superhero Identity™️ Book ($27 Value)
  • Follow along videos with each chapter when you scan the QR code ($97 Value)
  • ​BONUS #1: The Superhero Within Mini-Quest Video Story Series ($97 Value)
  • BONUS #2: The Superhero Smoothie Guide ($27 Value)
  • BONUS #3: Create Your Own Superhero Avatar Worksheet ($7 Value)
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